Antigua… not just beaches

Mamora Bay

We all know really well that Antigua got so many beautiful white sand beaches! I never counted, but they say should be 365 – a beach per day and you got busy all year round… On one of the trips, after visiting one of beaches my attention was taken by blooming plants. I then got to my camera, and here are some of the flowers I found…

Frangipani. Frangipani flowers are highly scented during nights and are used in bouquets used in wedding ceremonies. The flowers symbolize the love and devotion between two people. I also found that The Buddhism saw the Frangipani flower as a symbol of new life and renewal!


Below is the one we know as Azalea, also called Desert Rose. I guess the name says for itself – can survive in the hot climate with shortage of water…

Pink Adenium (also Azalea or Desert Rose)

Here is the plant with really small white flowers that I could not find the name for. These tiny flowers smelled so nicely! If you know the name – let mw know!

Below is a well known Hibiscus. No need to mention that this is the plant so well spread out an all Caribbean Islands. I saw the flowers in pink, almost white and deep red colours. There is a variety that looks like roses and also added to bouquets for weddings and other occasions. There is also a possibility to grow one indoors.


While walking along the beach I saw this interesting flower. It has such a bright red flowers of a very unusual shape. After some search, I think this is Erythrina Variegata, also known as Tiger’s claw or Indian coral tree. I found that the plant’s leaves, bark and stems have a lot of uses in India (I guess there are different species of same). In Antigua is is grown purely for decoration purposes.

Erythrina Variegata, also known as Tiger’s claw or Indian coral tree
Flower details – Erythrina Variegata, also known as Tiger’s claw or Indian coral tree

Its almost as if the island has a flower contest! Here is Bougainvillea, that is covered by flowers all year round – what a festive bush!


Here is the plant someone told me is called Monkey Pea! I found that it is possibly Vigna Luteola (Wild Pea), but I like the Monkey Pea name. There is no monkeys in Antigua, probably name came from other places…

Vigna Luteola, or common names Monkey Pea or Wild Pea

After all, the sun tired me out and I found a nice shady spot – right under the palm… And what a beautiful leaf it has!

And this is just a palm leaf…

If you like flowers and collect the postcards – check – lots of Caribbean postcards there…

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  1. Yes, gardens in resorts are well maintained. I wish the side of the road also have planted flowers grown.

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